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ISBN: 9789188435101

Boat Builders on the Island of Orust

295 kr

Margareta Bremertz
Eva Borge

Inbunden, 190×260 mm, 288 sidor
Utgiven maj 2017

Båtbyggare på Orust


Boats have been built on Orust for the past ten thousand years, and the island is now a household name within the international boating community.
There have been more boat-yards and shipbuilders on Orust over the years than anywhere else in Sweden.
The island’s skilled craftsmen have placed Orust on the map and their boats are renowned for their outstanding quality. Not only is there a rich maritime heritage on Orust in the form of preserved boat-yards, there are many modern facilities where highly sought-after ocean-going yachts and smaller craft are produced.

Some thirty boat-builders from the beginning of the 1900s onwards, or their sons and daughters, have been interviewed for this book.
These bearers of the island’s cultural heritage possess knowledge and expertise that goes back many generations.

The book is published both in English and Swedish.
English ISBN: 9789188435101
Swedish ISBN: 9789188435095